Heart of the Park

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore is partnering with Harbor Park Garage to support Heart of the Park, a program that provides free meals to anyone in need.


Beginning on Friday, March 27, Harbor Park Garage teamed up with Pierpoint Restaurant to launch "Heart of the Park" to help support the Baltimore community during the Covid19 pandemic by providing free meals to the community for as long as necessary. Downtown Partnership has joined forces to help facilitate fundraising for the program to continue, and to promote the program through our kiosk network to help reach those in need. Heart of the Park is now giving away 200 meals per day.

Need a Meal?

*Drive to Harbor Park Garage, 55 Market Place, Baltimore, MD 21202
(You will need to pull a ticket to enter, but do not worry. You will not be charged for parking.)
*Proceed to Level 3. Attendants will be waiting between the hours of 12-2pm daily.
*Roll down the passenger window, so communication can take place at a safe distance. Tell them how many people you need to feed.
*You will then receive two meals per person, one ready to eat & one ready to heat, in your trunk or back seat.
*Exit the parking facility free of charge.

How You Can Help

We need donations to keep the program running. The garage is paying it's employees and covering the costs of keeping the garage open for meal pick up. However, the meals, even at a discount, cost approximately $4 each to cover restaurant staff and food costs. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help keep the Heart of Park program running. A $100 donation would feed 25 people. A $20 donation feeds five people. Any amount helps - thank you.

Click here to donate.

A portion of your sponsorship contribution to support The Downtown Partnership of Baltimore Foundation, Inc. is a charitable contribution. You will receive a written acknowledgement of your charitable donation. Thank You. FIN-52-1914273

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