Art of Baltimore

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, in conjunction with Maryland Art Place, and Bromo Arts District, launched #ArtOfBaltimore, a campaign that will display works by local artists on digital signage throughout Downtown Baltimore neighborhoods. Selected artists will be featured on the IKE kiosks and Penn Station digital billboard, as well as DPOB social channels.

There is no timeline for the length of this project, we just know that art is essential always, and we are thankful for the uplifting artwork being submitted so that we can spread some positivity in Downtown Baltimore.

Due to the overwhelming response, the call for artists is currently paused. To review the call for entry, click here


Emilee Beeson
"I am a graphic designer and illustrator living in Bolton Hill. I love working as a designer but I turn to my personal work when I need space for exploration and self expression. I primarily use digital illustration and printmaking to create whimsical and absurd imagery of food, plants, bugs, and animals. I strive to create work that is beautiful to look at and also has a sense of humor."

We are featuring her piece "Animal Pile" in this campaign. Please check out more work by Emily on her website or shop on her Etsy page by clicking here.
Mike McConnell
A 1975 graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, Mike McConnell worked for more than 30 years as an illustrator before focusing on his fine art. He often turns to nature for inspiration for the vivid visual stories he tells. He uses paint in a collage-like way, cutting out shapes with vibrant colors on handmade wood panels, paper, and found material. "My imagery is very good for public art projects. It's bright and engaging. It’s happy. The strong colors and bold shapes create an immediate welcoming impression. Shapes that appear to continue off the edges make the space the work is installed in seem larger. The imagery is not offensive. It functions as a compliment to the space. My work is noticeable at a distance and understood at a glance." We are featuring his piece "Pond Talk" in this campaign. Please check out more of Mike's work on his website
Sophie Leigh Fisher
Sophie is a comic creator, illustrator, and graphic designer from Asbury Park, NJ, currently living in Baltimore, MD with a passion for storytelling and creating narratives using design and illustration. FIsher's recent work explores her relationship with community and heritage. The comic pages titled “Babushka Into the Fields of Kardymovo” are from a comic about her relationship with her Russian babushka, and the childhood memories shared of growing up in Kardymovo, Russia, such as getting lost in wheat fields, and geese getting drunk off of cherries. The piece titled “Hat City Luv”, featured in Art of Baltimore, is a mural created to embody the energy and spirit of artists in a community and how we support and uplift each other. View more of Fisher's art on her website, and shop artworks for sale in her online store.
Nicole Dyer
"My work examines a need for excess in the wake of restriction. I am interested in the dichotomy of overconsumption of social media platforms, sharing, and marketing versus the restriction of food and wellness in our society. I draw inspiration from scrolling, intimacy, sociability, and the ways we yearn for our moments to last forever. My inspirations have included bowls of fruit in various locations I’ve inhabited; moments spent alone or moments spent with others; touches, sounds, hardnesses, and softnesses; birthdays, breakfasts, and bacon—consumption that is both enjoyed and laden with anxiety." We are featuring Nicole's piece "Do Not Touch" in this campaign. Please check out more of Nicole's work on her website
Jessy DeSantis
Raised in a Nicaraguan household in Miami, FL and currently living in her new home of Baltimore City, Jessy DeSantis is a self-taught emerging artist creating meaningful, vibrant work. Her painting's stark contrast of vibrant color and white space draws the viewer into her subjects. She is inspired by her connection to nature, family, and her Central American roots. Her paintings are more than just visually beautiful. They carry in them intention with a story to be told. She seeks to pass on these stories of heritage and truth with all of it's complexities to her children and future generations. View work on her website
Richard Liu
"I am a Chinese-American, raised in two very different cultures, and therefore I have been exposed to significantly diverging viewpoints, rituals, and customs. Consequently, perhaps it is not surprising that notable differences, such as black and white versus color, abstraction versus realism, and symbolism versus direct depiction inform my imagery. The subject matter itself that I work from — transient plants and permanent rocks — embody strong contrasts. Even the materials I employ, like traditional chinese watercolor 工笔 (gongbi) and graphite reflect disparity. Despite these and other contrasts, I am basically even-tempered; harmony is an important part of my make-up. Therefore, along with visual and conceptual contrasts, I want the visual images I create to be harmonious." Please check out more of Richard's work on his website.

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