Lunch with DPOB


Wednesday, August 7


There's always a lot happening in Downtown Baltimore, and Downtown Partnership provides the tools to help you stay connected to the latest trends, news, and events. Stay connected to the latest trends, news, and events by joining us for lunch in our office on August 7. Our Economic Development team will provide Downtown Development updates from the soon to be released Development Activity Report and Verizon will share exciting information about a new 5G rollout. The presentations will be brief but insightful, leaving plenty of time for networking and connections.

Eric Fitzgerald Reed is responsible for analyzing entertainment industry trends, managing telecommunications developments and emerging high-tech matters as they relate to public policy. Mr. Reed leads Verizon’s outreach to an array of technology, Silicon Valley and Hollywood-based stakeholders in content and entertainment, digital media, information technology, and major sports leagues with vested interests in telecommunications policy, regulatory and legislative matters.
Eric Reed,
Vice President, Entertainment and Tech Policy for Verizon Communications
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When: August 7, 12-1:30pm
Where: Downtown Partnership of Baltimore
              20 S. Charles Street, 6th Floor

This event is part of quarterly series we are hosting this year. Registration is free for members, and the space is limited to 50 attendees. For questions, contact Emily Breiter at


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