UMBC Spark Gallery

UMBC Spark, a pop-up gallery of projection-based work will be open at 36 S. Calvert Street during Light City, March 31- April 8, 5-10pm daily. Once you've enjoyed the stunning work in the Gallery, consider taking advantage of Light City deals at restaurants and entertainment venues along Calvert Street, including Argosy Café, Chesapeake Shakespeare Theatre, and CLOCK, The QG's sixth floor speakeasy.

Featuring works by:
Kelley Bell
Cathy Cook
Melissa Cormier
Symmes Gardner
Lisa Moren
Aimi Bouillon
Mandy Morrison
Leah Michaels
Dilay Koçogullari
Nicole Ringel
Bryan O’Neill
Mollye Bendell
Ezra Pailer
MJ Neuberger
Jules Rosskam
Sarah Sharp

Curatorial statement:
Since the discovery of fire, we have found ways to control and interact with light. At this moment of awareness, fire sparked changes to our world, culture and arts through exploration, creativity, and experimentation. These gestures created new sparks and pathways of learning, perception and ways to live in our world. UMBC Spark is an art exhibition of diverse work using light in video projections and sculptural installation. Each of these artists look at light through multiple facets and how these facets spark fires to create change. 
-Joe Reinsel, curator of UMBC Spark
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