Baltimore Star Walk

People who are from Baltimore are, scientifically, better than people who are from other cities. Okay, maybe not, but we do have some pretty cool and impactful human beings who are from our City so we thought we'd have some fun graphics made up and put them around Downtown.

The #BmoreStarWalk has been temporarily installed in the Bromo Arts District for a limited time, so get over there and rub elbows with the stars.

While you are there, check out the Charm City Fringe Festival, taking place in The Bromo District from November 2-12. There is thoughtful/playful/provocative programming planned for ten days - over 90 performances by 26 companies.

The hub of the action is Le Mondo, but events will also take place at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center, MAP, and 322 N. Howard Street. The Baltimore Star Walk is spread out along the walking path to and from these locations. Yes, you can walk the whole festival.

Oh, and while you are there, check out the Downtown Pocket Park, Nov. 9-11 at the lot next to Le Mondo.

< --- To the left is a teaser of who is on the star walk, but you have to see for yourself (or search the hashtag #BmoreStarWalk) to see them all. While you are there, share your own photos and tag us with hashtag #ProudlyBaltimore

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